If you ever had second thoughts about placing any personal information online, you will love this new deposit method. It's called CashtoCode, and it allows you to pay with cash online. We're talking about real cash and giving it to an actual person. Unfortunately, this service is still not available for everyone. However, if you live in the U.K. or Germany/Italy/Greece, you're in luck! Because you can pay with cash using this deposit method in many locations in your country. The process is straightforward, and we explain it thoroughly on our page - Best CashtoCode casinos. In short, you enter the amount you want to pay in any online casino which accepts this deposit method (the full list is also available on the page listed above). Once you do that, you will receive a QR code that you can preset to a cashier in one of many retail locations that CashToCode works with. To find the complete list of retailers where you can pay with cash, check out their official website. We beleive that while many deposit methods these days go through a process of becoming less dependent on any physical items such as cash and credit cards, even. There are still people who are against sharing their sensitive information with too many people on the web. And CashtoCode offers the perfect solution, which some may think is obvious, but the fact is, no one did it before.