Have you ever wondered, how can I know for sure that the games I play online, are fair? We did too. Welcome to the first part of our extensive guide on the legality of online casinos. On this guide, we will discuss legislation, game providers, rogue websites. And everything else you need to know before playing on legal online casinos.

Part 1 - Introduction

Online casinos are a growing source of entertainment, and thousands are enjoying it daily. Although it hasn't always been the case, land-based casinos or of different kinds of betting operators have been entertaining people for thousands of years. During the last two decades, the internet has taken over almost every aspect of our lives. It started on the desktop computer where we could use a browser to interact with the world. And when the smartphone was first introduced, it has taken over completely. Most of us feel uncomfortable and frustrated when our phone is not operating. We need it to do almost everything. It only makes sense that people who like playing casino games would want to do so, online. However, the first thing that comes to mind is - how will I know that I have a fair chance of winning? Manipulating numbers is an easy practice, and creating software that will make us lose all of our money sounds really easy. The fact is, that's true. If we do not follow a set of guidelines, we condemn our selves to a losing streak.

How can you know the legality of online casinos?

There are several parameters that anyone planning to deposit funds to an online casino must know before doing so. Where is the online casino licensed? Are any 3rd party companies monitoring the casino's operations? How popular is this online casino? Does it have good reviews? Whats RNG? Are my chances to win actually legit? How do I deposit funds? Should I play online if I'm not sure about legislation in my country? For now, what we can say is this - choose an online casino that has the best reviews on our website, and you should be ok. But for those of you who like to learn more deeply about how this industry works. Stay tuned! on our next chapter - Legislation