This part of our guide on the legality of online casinos will walk you through the existing most popular types of online casino licenses. What each of them means which is best for you, and so on. Note - there are licensing jurisdictions that we do not cover. However, they are not common. Before we do so, we want to give you a general idea as to why online casinos purchase licenses in the first place. The reason any online casino must have at least one valid license to operate on is that to receive funds from players. Most banks will require a permit. That is the simple reason. What these jurisdictions do for you as a player, is first make sure who stands behind the online casinos. No one will give away a license to someone with a problematic record. They provide additional testing such as - Legitimate periodic examination and validation of the random number generator (RNG) software the casino uses. Publish and manage current data on all offered game’s return to player (RTP). And more crucial information players might want.

Countries and Jurisdictions that offer iGaming Licenses

Curacao - Since 2002, the island of Curaçao is giving online gaming licenses. Their application is not hard to obtain, and it is not very costly. Making it a widespread online casino license. The only downside is that they do not audit the gaming websites they license. So in the case you are interested in playing in an online casino licensed by Curacao, check if any third party companies such as eCogra are monitoring the casino's activities. If not, try to read reviews regarding this casino because it may not be very safe. Malta - The first country that started issuing remote gambling licenses in the European Union was Malta. They consider themselves as the Worlds Capital for iGaming. This license is more dependable because it is more costly then curacao. It also provides its holders with the possibility to open bank accounts in several locations around the world to process funds from players in those countries. The United Kingdom - If you reside in the UK, you will find online casinos that are regulated by the UKGC (UK Gambling Commission). These online casinos are usually massive companies because acquiring a gambling license in the UK is very expensive. Players from the UK are not allowed in online casinos that do not possess this type of permit. Gibraltar - One of the most reliable licenses an online casino can obtain. Gibraltar is not accepting much application for an online gambling license. This license is strict and expensive. They offer a handy PDF guide aimed for players to understand, under which standards casinos are held to achieve this great license. If you are considering playing in an online casino licensed by Gibraltar, you are most likely doing the right thing. Read Guide Kahnawake The Gaming Commission of Kahnawake is granting online casino licenses since 1996. They have purchased the right to do so from the Canadian government and are the only authority in Canada able to issue such permits. The first yearly license price is $40,000, software review costs $15,000, and an annual license reissue fee is $10,000. On our next part of this guide, we will talk more about 3rd party software that are auditing online casinos. Stay Tuned