Starting yesterday for the next two weeks, you can get an amazing cashback of up to 25%. The promotion has two stages to it. Each one lasts three days. During these days, you can play as much as you want. If you lose more than 30 EUR during the period, you will receive the cashback on the fourth day. For example, if you make three deposits between 18/08 and 20/08 of 100 EUR, 35 EUR and 20 EUR respectively, then you will receive 20% cashback on the 21/08 for all the losing bets you placed between 18/08 and 20/08. Here are the specifics If you bet up to 100 EUR you will receive 10% cashback. If you bet 105 to 150 EUR you will receive 15% cashback. If you bet 155 to 300 EUR you will receive 20% cashback. If you bet 300 EUR or more, you will receive 25% cashback. If you already have an account and playing Bao casino, make up some free time during these two weeks to take advantage of this bonus. If not, you can create an account here. Good Luck