Bitcoin Reached 40K and new Bitcoin casino players will 9 Recent growth in cryptocurrencies' value, brings a lot of interest from millions who look to make profits. When so many people start purchasing Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, it often means services that accept these coins will get more business. The same is right in the online casino world. We can see that online casinos are becoming more accepting of Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, as time goes by. This rapid adaptation of the coins does not happen by chance, the reason behind it is that more and more people hold cryptocurrencies, and not everyone wants to sell them. So holding Bitcoin for a long time becomes very common. And many people take advantage of revenues to purchase services. We beleive that this round's peak may have ended (or, it may have not). But the increase in online casino players using cryptocurrencies is only beginning. As time will go by, more and more people will use cryptocurrencies to play online casino games. Are you holding some extra Bitcoin? or any other cryptocurrency? On our website, you can find a dedicated page with the best Bitcoin online casinos or any other cryptocurrency on our website for that matter.