Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen is bringing the end of the online gambling industry in Cambodia, the first thing on 2020. This process had begun in August when they ceased to issue new gambling licences in the country. The old ones from before August will expire as the year passes, and no one will be able to renew their license any longer. They had made it clear they have in intent to ban the entire gambling industry in the state when they made the first announcement in August. A lot of speculations about delaying this decision were all over the place. However, Hun Sen removed all of them. He was speaking at the 8th sea festival in Kampot province. According to him - Cambodia can no longer depend on online gambling for their economy because being a centre of online gambling activity could potentially lure money laundering and other criminal financial activities. He calls it a matter of national security, to oppose the economic benefits that come from the online gambling industry because the potential downside could be devastating for the country.