Great news for all Michigan residents Governor Whitmer signed House Bills 4311-12, 4916-18, 4307 and 4308 into law. These bills legalize sports betting and internet gaming activities through Michigan's casinos. The revenue will support the school aid fund and the state's fire department workers that have developed different types of cancer (FRPCF ). Governor Whitmer said that this legislation would bring around $19 million in new revenue from these operations. A vast amount of money that right now no one is collecting in taxes due to lack of legislation. This additional revenue will bolster the School Aid Fund by $4.8 million and invest an additional $4 million into the FRPCF. This bill package allows tribal casinos to participate in online gaming and sports betting at an equal level to the Detroit casinos. This revenue will support important tribal community activities. A lot more can be said about this bill but to keep things short. Michigan will very soon start to see high quality legal online gambling websites that make the experience of playing casino games online much more accessible and fun. Stay Tuned for more great news on this subject.