CashtoCode is an innovative payment solution company that takes your cash and transforms it into balance on your account. Launched in 2017, CashtoCode (C2C) started out as a payment solution for Germany and Austria residents. Since then, they have expanded to the UK, Italy, and Greece. Today players from over all over these countries can make cash deposits to CashtoCode online casinos from more than 60,000 retail locations. C2C is the only fully closed-loop instant redemption payment solution of its kind. It enables us as players to make anonymous cash payments directly to our online casino wallets, with no need to sign up for any third-party solution of any kind. You don't even need to own a credit card or even have a bank account, for that matter. Instead, you can find any C2C retailer and make cash payments easily. C2C was initially designed to meet the stringent anti-money laundering regulations (AML 4 and AML 5) required by major iGaming operators. This is a considerable advancement in players' security online. The process is straightforward and is all you need to do is select the amount you want to deposit from an app when a barcode is generated for you. This barcode will enable you to make a payment at the chosen point-of-sale. Part of the company's success in Germany and Austria was achieved when large convenience chains allowed the customers to make C2C payments. Among these locations are grocery stores, gas chains, drug store chains, and more. The same goes for other European markets, where cash remains a prevalent payment method. The company's CEO said that cash was always and will remain a hugely popular payment method in Europe. He stressed that iGaming websites that don't consider cash payments will lose a relatively large market share. Different from other payment methods that use vouchers to pay in cash. CashToCode is private and can't be transferred from one person to the other. This detail adds a lot of integrity to the payment method and makes it favorable to players.

About CashtoCode

Berlin-based Fintech Funanga AG operates CashtoCode. Launched in 2016, CashtoCode connects a vast web of online retailers and service providers with thousands of retail spots across Europe. CashtoCode allows customers to pay for their online acquisitions with cash at their preferred retail place. CashtoCode technically manages through its massive web of partners the secure, convenient, and compliant collection and cash settlement from customers in 5 European countries.