This week, we want to talk about something unique and exciting we came across recently. High 5 Games has broken the boundaries of traditional slot games and introduced a brand new way to play. This one-of-a-kind game features great 80's 80-style graphics and a gaming experience like no other.

The New Grid System is Breaking Tradition

This game, Retro Riches, was highly anticipated during recent weeks, and for a good reason. It is inspired by the 1980's arcade games and allows players to play slots in a brand new manner. It sets aside everything we know about slots. Try this game and immerse yourself in a unique universe of retro arcade gaming.

The way it works

The game starts with a brief explanation of what each button does. But when you press the betting button, you fully comprehend how different the game is. Once the spin starts, you will see numerous icons appear on the screen. Each time an icon lands on the grid, it leaves a mark, charging it.
Icons can land on top of each other, making the dot charged more. The more a dot is charged, the more you can win. Icons can also land outside the grid, and some have unique features to them, like giving you a spin-crease or filling a bar at the top of the screen that unlocks more shapes with more amazing features.
Retro Riches is a unique game that gets quite complicated to explain without playing it.