This article is a part of our series of guides created to help anyone learn how to start gambling online. We want you to know all the crucial things before beginning your online gambling adventure. Gambling, online or offline, is entertaining. However, it can also be financially risky. 
Therefore, we created our series of guides to help you learn everything there is to know about online gambling. 
This guide is more of a general explanation of things to watch out for rather than a specific guide. We can't explicitly write what to do or don't do, not in all cases. The reason is that the online gambling experience is different depending on where you live,  what games you want to play, the amounts you are willing to risk, and so much more. Reading and implementing the ten tips on this page should start you going in the right direction.
So, without further ado, let's start with the first tip to online gambling : 

#1 - Find out what your local gambling laws are

The first thing you should know if you wish to play casinos online is whether or not it is legal to gamble in your country. It is crucial to understand what the legal gambling age is. Whether or not there are any restrictions, and so on. 

You can typically learn this information online from the official department responsible for legislation. We did create many pages with information about gambling in every country. However, as much as we try to stay up to date with the entire world. We can't always do so. So it is more than recommended to check for this information.

For example, if you live in the U.K., you can check with the U.K. Gambling Commission. 

#2 - Choose the right online casino.

Choosing the right online casino is, most likely, the most crucial part of gambling online. It is vital because you plan on making deposits, and you want to know that you are placing your money with someone you can trust. We created a specific guide on this issue- choosing the best online casino. However, we will also go over the critical things more briefly now. 

There are several critical things to check :

  • Reputation - The casino's reputation is the first thing to check. Like a specific online casino? Try to find reviews about it. Read our casino reviews. Online casinos with a good reputation will never risk it. They usually pay on time and treat the players fairly. It's easy to find bad reviews on non-reputable casinos. Watch out for these casinos even when they offer you extraordinary deals.
  • Read reviews - every online casino that's worth mentioning has a ton of reviews. On our website, you can find reviews written by us with general information on each casino, and also, you can find reviews written by our viewers. These reviews are crucial for you to understand how good a casino is.
  • Software Providers - The best casino for a new player is a casino that has several software developers on board. Software developers are the companies that create the games for the casinos. Some are better than others - We recommend you look for NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, Evolution Gaming, iSoftbet, IGN, Quickspin, and ELK Studios. These game providers are regulated and have a good reputation. They also provide some of the best games you can play.
  • Game Selection - Almost all online casinos allow you to see the selection of games before signing up. Ensure that the game you want to play is available. But also be open-minded. You might want to play another game someday. If you see that as a possibility, find an online casino that offers a wide selection of games from all types. Otherwise, try to find the one with the best game selection you like. 
  • Banking Options - We usually recommend choosing a website that offers a lot of deposit methods. The types of deposit methods are often credit cards like VISA, to eWallets such as PayPal, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Having flexibility often helps when playing in the long run. Another critical thing to ensure is that the deposit method is also available in withdrawal, which is not always the case.
  • Deposit and Withdrawal limits - this information should be available in the cashier section. Deposits and withdrawals typically range from $10 to a few thousand. If you plan on playing a lot of money, make sure that the withdrawal limits are high enough. Also, check the daily or weekly limits. Some online casinos limit the amount you can withdraw at once. 
  • Terms and Conditions - We know it's too long and tedious. We don't expect you to read the entire thing. If the online casino is legal and popular, it won't matter much. Because it's a pre-written contract, and because we don't expect any problems. We mention the terms and conditions because some things aren't typically allowed on online casinos. One example is opening more than one account. Many casino players open more than one account, which is not permitted. Stay safe and try to read the terms to ensure you don't perform any actions that could hurt your account. 
  • Customer Support - We recommend reaching out to customer support before making a deposit. Try to send them a question. It can be anything. What we want to achieve here is to test their response time. No one likes to wait hours to get support. Also, check out if they have a FAQ section. An excellent online casino should have an extensive FAQ to make things easier for you. 

#3 - Stay safe when betting online

Safety is a critical factor in gambling online. People often think that online casinos are all rigged. And sure, it makes sense to think that. However, this isn't the case. Most online casinos are legit. 

Here are some of the essential things to check to ensure safety: 

  • Licensing - Almost every online casino you will encounter has a license from a governing country. If not, stay away. Many authorities license online casinos. However, the most reputable licenses for gambling online are in Malta and the U.K.
  • Reputation - A license isn't all that matters. You have to check the site's reputation. How well other players think of it. If a casino is reputable, it doesn't matter if the U.K. or Curacao licenses it.
  • Blacklisted Casinos - If you encounter an online casino that we blacklist, we recommend staying away.
  • Third-Party Auditing - Some companies provide RNG (Random Number Generator) auditing. These companies ensure that the online casino's odds are as advertised and no game is rigged. One of these companies is eCogra, for example. Finding online casinos that these companies audit can increase the chances of having a good experience. 
  • Security - Online casinos should have SSL encryption that encrypts all the information you pass to the casino during data transmission.

#4 - First, try the games for free

Most casinos allow you to try their games in a "For Fun" mode. This way, you can learn everything there is to know about the game you want to play before any money is a part of the process. Try out different games. There are so many you can choose from. Understand what each game requires from you and how you can make the best plays for your benefit. When you are ready, deposit funds and start playing for real money.

#5 - Enjoy welcome bonus and promotions

Don't just join any online casino. You want the best. You want a casino with many games, fantastic welcome bonuses, jackpots, and constant promotions. All the best online casinos offer promotions. One bonus, for example, could be a deposit match where you deposit $100 and receive an additional $100 from the casino. There are many kinds of promotions like that. However, these promotions come with strings attached to them. Understanding the terms of the promotions is critical. Read the bonus terms carefully before accepting them. 

Here are some of the popular promotions available :

  • Deposit Match for first deposit - a popular promotion that grants you additional funds when you make your first (sometimes even second, third or fourth) deposit. It can be 25% or 50%, and 100% match your deposit many times.
  • No Deposit Bonus - Many online casinos try to stay competitive by giving away small bonuses to players only for signing up.
  • Free Spins - When you sign up and make a deposit, you will sometimes receive an option to play slot machines for free for a certain amount of spins. If you win funds from free spins, you might not be able to withdraw them quickly, and you might have to play a lot to do so.

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to bonuses. Please read our complete guide to online casino bonuses to learn everything there is to know about them.

#6 - Things to know before you start playing

At last, you finished all your research and created an account with a selected online casino. Great. Here are some things that most people take for granted, but we feel like we must mention them nevertheless.

  • The casino has an advantage - When playing online casinos, it is essential to know that it has an advantage over you. You can have a good time while waiting for a lucky streak. That's great. But remember that in the long run, the casino will always win, so try to keep your winnings when you get some.
  • It's All About Luck - If you want to make money playing casino games online, you need to have luck on your side. If luck is on your side, you will succeed. And if not, you will lose. Some strategies can allow for more extended playtime. But in the long run, if you don't have luck at a certain point, call it a day.
  • Don't bet money you don't have - Playing online casinos should be about entertainment and fun while playing. If you ever feel frustrated about the money you've lost. And you are not having a good time. Stop. We recommend only playing with money you are willing to lose. Personally, when I start an evening playing, I decide on an amount I am ready to risk. When my funds run out, I call it a day.
  • Hot Streaks - if you are winning, we advise you to cash out. At a certain point, you will start losing. You can count on it.

#7 - Play the right casino games

Many of us already know what games we like and don't like. But still, we might want to try new things. So one thing important to know is that not all games have the same chances of winning. Some games have a significant house edge (casino's advantage), while others have less. Suppose you are interested in learning more strategic games that lower house edge - try out Video Poker, Blackjack, and Baccarat. When played by experienced players, these games have a lower house edge. It would be best if you learned how to play them, and you can play for free to get more experience.
On the other hand, if you are after a simple and fun game, you can instantly start playing for real money - try Roulette, Slots, and Keno.

learn more about the games you intend to play. If you want to play a game you have never played in the past, try it first. Learn the rules of the game and understand the strategies and mechanics of each game. Try it out for free before making a deposit. You will have more fun knowing what you are doing rather than losing your money away. On our website, you can find guides on how to play most games, and if not, there is so much information available online. Some games are challenging to learn and require game knowledge, so make sure to read the rules and try them for free first.

Gambling online can be addictive. You should always stay alert and stop playing once the fun ends. Your money is at risk. If you are playing and having a good time, you win and lose some games, but overall you are pleased. That's awesome. However, if you feel like you are only losing and want to win back what you have lost, we strongly recommend you - Don't. Online casino games are designed to be very fun, but they make profits for the casino. Chasing lost money is always a bad idea. We created a guide about self-exclusion to help anyone that needs it.

Always leave when you are winning. One of the main reasons people rarely get out with profits from casinos is that they never feel they have had enough. We urge anyone we talk to about casinos - If you have a good day and win some money, take it home.

While playing casino games online, we learned how important it is to understand the games and gamble responsibly. Online betting is entertaining if you play like a professional and wisely restrain yourself. Remain safe, have a good time, and remember, when the fun stops, stop.