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The Best Zain Cash Casinos of 2024

Top Online Casinos That Accept Zain Cash Ranked By Our Experts

Zain Cash is an online casino payment method that offers easy financial transactions. Due to its secure services, it has become popular, especially among Iraq online casino players. Check out this guide if you're looking for the best Iraq casinos that accept Zain Cash. 

We have included every vital information in this guide. This includes the merits and demerits of using Zain Cash and the best Zain Cash casino out there! Explore all aspects of playing with Zain Cash with us!

By What Criteria Do We Judge The Best Online Casinos Accepting Zain Cash

We are online gamblers with years of experience in casino gambling. We know what's best for gamblers, so we have created this guide. These are the factors that guide us when choosing the best Zain cash casinos:


Reputation matters to us a lot when choosing Zain Cash casinos. We want to ensure our players have a great time using the casino. So, we consider these factors when selecting a casino: 

We read many casino complaints
Casino Complaints
We value user reviews
User Reviews
We value fast payout times
Payout Times
We make sure users get fair and good promotions
Generous Promotions


We love casinos with valid licenses from the proper gambling authorities. For Zain cash casinos, we check if they've obtained a permit from the Iraqi gambling authority. We also choose casinos that have licenses from international authorities like the UKGC.

Customer Support

Efficient customer support is suitable for any online business. We check if the Iraq casino sites have met our customer service criteria. These are:

Importance of 24/7 customer support
24/7 Support
Make sure live chat is available
Live Chat Feature
Check the response times of customer service department
Fast Response
Find customer support available in your preferred lagnuage


We love it when casinos offer great promotions and exciting bonuses. This boosts the player's gaming experience. However, the casino's bonus requirements must be fair to the players.

Game Variety

For the best gaming experience, our Zain cash casinos must offer a wide game variety. They must meet the following criteria:

Large variety of game providers
Many Software Providers
Large selection of games
Extensive Game Selection
Live table games available
Live Table Games
Progressive jackpots
Progressive Jackpots

Payment Methods

We love casinos with secure payment methods. Casinos with various payment methods give players alternatives, making transactions easier. 

Learn More

Check out our articles to learn more about various aspects of online gambling: 

Are you ready to play? Choose one of our top Zain Cash casinos below!

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Introduction to Zain Cash: Revolutionizing Mobile Payments

Zain Cash is an online casino payment method owned by the network service provider, Zain. This method originated in the Middle East and has gained many users in the online casino industry. Zain Cash gives players a secure and easy way to make deposits and withdrawals for online casino activities. The platform has become a choice for players in many Arab countries who need reliable payment mediums at casinos.

The Processing Times, Fees, and Limits of Zain Cash Wallet

The processing time, fees, and limits for the Zain Cash wallet may differ based on casinos. However, here is some information on them:

The processing time for deposits with Zain Cash is very low. Deposits are instant on Zain Cash; they reflect on your balance immediately. Withdrawals, however, depend on the casino. If your casino takes a long time to confirm, withdrawals will take longer to reflect in your account. 

Zain Cash charges a 1% fee for withdrawals and deposits on this platform. This fee is reasonable and small, regardless of the amount you're dealing with. The transaction limit is fixed. Zain Cash allows players a minimum of 5000 dinars and a maximum of 100,000 dinars. That amount applies to both deposits and withdrawals.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Use Zain Cash

Before using Zain Cash for online casino transactions, you need to create an account. To create a Zain Cash wallet account, you need a mobile device. The device could be your smartphone or tablet, and it must have a Zain SIM Card.

Dial 210#: When you've obtained the device and SIM card, dial 210# in your call app. You will receive a pop-up message with a language menu. Choose your preferred language from the options. The languages available are Arabic, Kurdish, and English.

Activate the service: After selecting a language, you will receive another pop-up message. The message will require you to activate the Zain cash service by pressing a button. The Zain Cash service will be activated on your mobile number when you press the button. After activating the service on your phone, you will get a temporary Zain cash wallet. The temporary wallet will last for 90 days. To get a permanent wallet, you must go to a physical Zain service center with your ID card to activate it for free.

Download the App: After activating the Zain Cash wallet (temporary or permanent), download the mobile app from Google Play or the App Store. The app is called 'Zain Cash'. When you complete the download and install, open the app. Input your Zain phone number and the OTP code. That will lead you to your wallet in the application.

How to Deposit with Zain Cash 

Depositing funds in your casino account has become easy with Zain Cash. Here are easy steps to deposit to your casino account using Zain Cash:

  1. Go to the cashier/payment section in the Iraq casino of your choice.
  2. Choose Zain Cash, a shout payment method. 
  3. Enter the amount you want to deposit
  4. The casino will redirect you to your Zain Cash app to finish the process. Follow the instructions and authorize the deposit.
  5. Once you authorize the deposit, the amount will be deposited into your casino.
  6. Using these steps, you can enjoy fast and easy deposits with Zain Cash at Iraq online casinos.

The Process of Making Zain Cash Withdrawals

Withdrawing with Zain Cash is just as easy as depositing. You can do this as long as you have a Zain Cash account. Follow these steps:

  1. Log into your account in your Iraq casino. 
  2. Go to the cashier/payment section. 
  3. Choose Zain Cash as your withdrawal method and the amount you want to withdraw.
  4. Provide the necessary information and wait for your casino to confirm the withdrawal request. 
  5. Once your casino has approved the withdrawal, the amount will be reflected in your Zain Cash balance. 

The Pros of Using Zain Cash at Online Casinos

There are different advantages to using Zain Cash for online casino transactions. Players get many benefits apart from the smooth services it offers. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Availability: You can use Zain Cash on any smartphone or mobile device. All you have to do is create an account using your Zain SIM card. You also need an internet connection and an ID card to activate the account in the nearest center. 
  2. Low Fees: Zain e-wallet collects very low fees for transactions. A fee of only 1% applies for deposits and withdrawals to online casinos! 
  3. Free Credit Card: Upon creating an account, Zain Cash gives you a credit/debit card for your wallet. You can use this card at any ATM to withdraw money from your Zain Cash wallet. You can also use it for any gambling platform that accepts MasterCard and Visa cards. 

Zain Cash Payments Cons at Online Casino Iraq

Here are the disadvantages of using Zain Cash at online casinos:

  1. For Iraq Only: Zain Cash e-wallet can only be used in Iraq. Although the Zain Cash card can be used on websites and ATMs outside Iraq. 
  2. Limited Currency Use: Since the e-wallet can't be used outside Iraq, only Iraqi currency can be used for it. Iraqi Dinars can't be used for online transactions in other currencies. So, players who use Zain won't be able to use casinos that don't accept Iraqi Dinars. They will also have to change to other currencies before using casinos from other countries. The cost and time spent on the currency exchange will be another disadvantage.
  3. Low Transaction Limits: The minimum amount allowed for transactions on ZainCash is 5,000 dinars. That applies to both deposits and withdrawals. The maximum is 100,000 dinars. The transaction limits may not be suitable for players who wish to transact above 100,000 dinars or below 5,000.

Customer Support at The Top-Ranking Zain Cash Casino Sites

Customer support is an essential feature at any online casino site. Players may need help while using the casino, which must be available. Having efficient customer support shows that the casino cares about the customers. We take this feature seriously when rating an online casino. 

To confirm how efficient customer support is, we check availability. Support at any online casino in Iraq must be available at every hour of the day. A player may decide to gamble at night for more concentration. Players from all around the world with different time zones use the casino. The time zone difference of these casinos should not stop them from getting help.

Another factor we consider is whether a human agent is at the other end of the service. Most Iraq online casinos use chatbots to attend to their customers. Although this is common, it is not always effective. Chatbots only have programmed answers and won't be able to solve all issues. A human agent will have nuanced answers to questions. They will also be able to offer out-of-the-box solutions to players. The human agents hired by these casinos must also be knowledgeable. They must know enough to answer the questions of the players. They must be professional and have much information about the casino and its activities.

Customer support must be quick when responding to players. Many casino activities are time-sensitive. A player may need a response to an issue while a game is going on. In such a situation, the player shouldn't have to wait hours for a response. 

Language is another factor we consider when rating a casino's customer support. We recognize that many players come from countries that don't speak main languages. So, we choose online casinos that provide customer support in more than English or Spanish. Sometimes, the customer support agent can't speak the language fluently. So, it is better for players to test out the language fluency of the customer support. That will help them decide if they are fluent enough.

Zain Cash Online Casino Bonuses and Promotional Offers

Every casino offers bonuses to players, but not all casinos are fair. When aiming for a casino's bonus, ensure you read the bonus terms first. Some casino sites include bonus requirements that make players pay more than expected. Sometimes, the bonus requirements may preclude the casino from paying the bonus. To avoid falling for fraudulent bonus terms, ensure you read them. It also helps you know if you're qualified for the bonus. Here are some bonuses and promotions you can get at Zain Cash online casino sites:

  • Welcome bonuses: Most online casinos offer welcome bonuses to newly registered players. Upon signing up, the casino gives them bonus funds or free spins. The welcome bonus could also be a deposit bonus. Sometimes, a casino may provide a bonus package to welcome the player. Only new and registered players get welcome bonuses.
  • Free spins: Bonuses that are free spins allow players to play games without paying. Free spins bonuses usually allow players to explore real money games at a casino. For example, casinos can give players free spins to check out Online slots. Free spins can be part of a bonus package or promotional bonus offer.
  • Cashback bonuses: When a player has had a losing streak over a long time, the casino may give him a bonus. Then, the casino refunds a percentage of the money he lost. The refund is called a cashback. Online casinos give cashback to encourage the player to try again. 
  • Referrals: When a player invites his friend to register at a casino, he may get a bonus. To qualify for this bonus, the invited player must use the bonus code. Upon registration, the casino will give the existing player a bonus for the referral. The referral bonus is usually a promotional offer. Sometimes, it's a constant feature at the casino for existing players.

To learn more about these casino bonuses, check out our guide on online casino bonuses!

The Best Casino Games for Zain Cash Online Casino Players

Finding a wide variety of games at an online casino is always exciting. Players have preferences when it comes to online casino games. So, the casino must try to cater to all of them. Here are some games you may enjoy at Zain Cash casinos:

  1. Slots: This is one of the most popular games at Zain Cash online casinos. Players love slot games for the varieties they offer. Online slots, slot machines, video slots, and live dealer slots exist. When playing slots, players compete to predict where a reel will land. The winner goes home with exciting prizes, which could be real money. 
  2. Table games: They are also known as Card games. There are several varieties of card games at online casinos. Some table games are Baccarat and Blackjack. Table games have similar rules when playing. For example, in both Blackjack and Baccarat, the aim is to get a higher hand. All the players compete to get a hand close to but not above a specific number. The bet is where they wager on who will have the upper hand. They can bet whether the player or dealer will have the higher hand. The players can also bet on whether there will be a tie between the player and the dealer.
  3. Live dealer games: Most online casinos provide live versions of casino games called live dealers. A lot of online casino games have their live dealer version. The live dealer game is where the casino streams the game in high quality for players. The players get to watch the game live and wager with real dealers. They also interact with other players in the chatrooms provided in the streams. Live dealer games offer a healthy gaming environment for players. Casinos can play live dealer games like Live Slots, Live Roulette, and Live Poker.
  4. Poker: Another popular game in the online casino world is the Poker game. This game has existed even before the advent of online casinos. The aim of a poker game is for players to compete to get the best hand. While the game goes on, the players compete and wager. The bettors place bets on who they think has the better hand while the game continues. At the end of the game, the winner goes home with all the money that was wagered.

Other Payment Methods Available at Online Casino Platforms

There are several other payment methods that a player may use at a casino. These payment methods are different from Zain Cash, which is an e-wallet. Some of these payment methods are only available at some casinos, while you can find others anywhere. We love it when casinos accept a wide variety of secure payment methods. You may use these other payment methods at casinos:

Credit/Debit cards

Players can pay using their credit/debit card at an online casino. They can get these cards from banks and e-wallet platforms. Visa and MasterCard are accepted at online casinos around the world. To use a credit/debit card, the player must enter their card information and PIN.

PROS: Paying using a credit/debit card is easy. Players are familiar with the process, and deposits are instantly reflected in this method. 

CONS: This payment method does not retain any privacy. Players must reveal information such as credit and debit card details and pins. Some platforms also charge extra fees for using their card for transactions.

Bank Transfer

Players can pay at online casinos by authorizing transfers from their banks. This method is secure and preferred by players who wish to avoid the hassle of online transactions. 

PROS: This method is secure and easy to use. Players can easily report to the bank in case of any transaction issues. Transfers made to casinos through some banks are free of charge.

CONS: Some banks don't allow transfers to gambling entities like online casinos.


This digital currency is used by players who wish to avoid currency conversion. Some online casinos now accept crypto payments. Cryptocurrency protects players from the stress of traditional payment methods.

PROS: It is an easy-to-use and safe method. Crypto is encrypted, so you're safe from fraudsters and hackers. You remain anonymous when you send money to the casino, too.

CONS: The currency is volatile, so the worth of a winning may reduce within hours. Not all casinos accept cryptocurrency, so it's not yet widespread.

Terms and Conditions

Some factors affect the payment processing time at online casinos. These factors are terms and conditions, and they differ in all casinos. However, some of these factors commonly affect all casinos. They include:

Wagering requirements

An online casino requires players to wager a number of times before getting a bonus. A wagering requirement is also called a playthrough requirement. The amount of the bonus determines how high the wagering requirement will be. For no-bonus withdrawals, we prefer casinos that ask for 1x requirements. Bonus withdrawals take about 25x to 50x playthrough requirements. The wagering requirement may also be about a specific game. tome

KYC Verification

Players must verify their identity before withdrawing at any online casino. KYC verification is an anti-money laundering and anti-fraud regulation. It requires players to confirm their identity so the casino can know who they're dealing with. The process for identity verification may take a long time, and this may affect withdrawal time. We, therefore, advise players to complete the verification process before they are ready to withdraw.

Withdrawal limits

Many online casinos limit the amount a player can withdraw within a specific period. The period may be a day, a week, or a month. VIP or high-roller players usually get higher withdrawal limits, but it depends on the casino. We prefer casinos with high or no withdrawal limits for all players. It causes less disruption for players who wish to withdraw funds. 

Mobile Iraqi Online Casinos

Mobile casinos are an exciting casino version brought about by technology. They're simply online casinos built for mobile devices. Mobile casino players can play exciting casino games from the comfort of their beds, be it a smartphone or a tablet. All you have to do is download the app or log into the website on your device. 

Zain Cash mobile casinos provide more accessible payment services. You can quickly pay for real money games while engaging in gambling. Your deposits reflect immediately, so you aren't distracted from your live dealer games. You have access to every online gaming feature on your mobile casino. It's gaming with ease!

Best Zain Cash Online Casino Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use ZainCash on online gambling platforms?

Yes, Zain Cash is a secure platform for online casino transactions. Just make sure to play only at reputable and licensed casinos.

Can I use Zain Cash to gamble online if I don't have a bank account?

Yes, as long as you create a Zain Cash account, you can gamble online.

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