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Best Klarna Online Casino

Top rated Klarna casinos reviewed by our experts and users

Want to know which is the best Klarna online casino? Check out our list. We list online casinos based on our vast experience in the gaming industry. We have been active in the industry for over a decade. We created this guide to show the top Klarna online casinos and how we choose them. Follow the steps we take to find the best casino for you. These are the top casino sites that accept Klarna based on the following parameters:


Reputation is the most important thing when choosing an online casino. A reputable online casino is fair and will never risk its hard-earned reputation. We sum up the total reputation score made out of these parameters:

We read many casino complaints
Casino Complaints
We value user reviews
User Reviews
We value fast payout times
Payout Times
We make sure users get fair and good promotions
Generous Promotions


We rank online casinos that have a proper license from a reputable authority. In most areas of the world, Bancor casinos approved by the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) or UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) are the best options.

Customer Support

We test the customer support of every casino we list and check the following:

Importance of 24/7 customer support
24/7 Support
Make sure live chat is available
Live Chat Feature
Check the response times of customer service department
Fast Response
Find customer support available in your preferred lagnuage


Promotions are a big part of the online casino experience. We make sure the promotions offered by the best casinos in Malta are fair and valuable.

Game Variety

For maximum amusement, we make sure the best Bancor casino sites have the following:

Large variety of game providers
Many Software Providers
Large selection of games
Extensive Game Selection
Live table games available
Live Table Games
Progressive jackpots
Progressive Jackpots

Payment Methods

We like having a large selection of reputable deposit methods in addition to Klarna. It makes a crucial aspect of online gambling, depositing and withdrawing, much more convenient.

Learn More

We created thorough guides on every aspect of having a great online casino experience:

If you are ready to start playing and have enough information, Choose one of the best casinos on the list below.

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Videoslots Casino
100% up to $/€200
Bob Casino
100% up to $/€100
+ 100 free spins
Jackpot City Casino
100% up to $/€400
Justspin Casino
100% up to $/€100
+ 500 free spins
Cookie Casino
100% up to $/€100
+ 120 free spins

Online Casinos That Accept Klarna

Online casinos started working with Klarna because it enabled an easy and straightforward way for users to deposit funds. This page consists of all the online casinos that accept Klarna as a deposit method. Keep in mind that not all casinos that accept Klarna as a deposit method also accept it as a withdrawal method, so make sure to double-check on that, if this feature is vital to you. Also, keep in mind that not all of Klarna's features are available at casinos. While Klarna has earned their reputation for allowing flexibility in payments with services such as "Pay Later" and "Slice it". These features are not acceptable by online casinos. The reason is that the casinos require the funds to be available in the account before taking bets. Another common confusion is that Klarna has merged with another Financial Service Giant called SOFORT. A leading payments solution in Germany. The two are often confused and mixed, even though they are two separate things. We have created this specific list to show you Klarna Online Casinos only.

Paying With Klarna In An Online Casino

After giving it a lot of thought, reading reviews and comparing with other sites, you have decided which online casino you want to start playing. That's great, what's left to do next is to deposit funds using Klarna's direct transfer service. When you choose Klarna as a payment method, and you already have an existing account, the payment process will be simple. First, navigate to the casino's website and go to the cashier/banking page where you make deposits. Select Klarna as your payment method and a pop up will appear with Klarna's login page. Next, enter your login information (account number, password and PIN) and select the amount of money you wish to deposit. What's going to happen next is that the funds will be directed from your account to the casino's account, and your account should be credited instantly. There are no fees attached to the process other than some fees that could potentially be charged by your bank. Be sure to check that out. However, Klarna will not charge anything from you. You can also go through this process using your mobile device easily. It is mobile compatible, and the entire system was created with mobile in mind, so it should go very smoothly.

Using Klarna to Withdraw from an Online Casino

Using Klarna to withdraw funds is easy. Usually, it's the exact same process as the deposit's process, only backwards. What you need to do is select the amount you wish to withdraw in the cashier/banking area. Then select Klarna as the withdrawal method. And if your casino and your bank support everything, the process should work. Unfortunately, the processing times for withdrawals are longer. The expected time for the transaction to complete is usually 2-3 days. It's essential to make sure that the casino enables the use of Klarna as a withdraw method. Not all casinos that accept it for deposits also accept it for withdraws. Klarna will not charge fees, however, like with the deposit, your bank may charge some fees to the transaction, so double check on that.

Advantages Of Using Klarna

Millions around the world use Klarna every day, around 60 million to be precise. This global acceptance of the service means that you most likely already know how easy and straightforward it is to use Klarna, even more so if you are on this page. However, we are not sure you know how great it is as a payment method for online casino. With so many new deposit methods emerging every day, it is hard to understand how Klarna is keeping its spot as a leading deposit method for online casinos. But the fact that it does tells us something. When it comes to the leading deposit methods, such as PayPal, VISA, Bitcoin and others, it's hard to say which is best. The reason is that the most popular deposit methods are all solid selections, each with its pros and cons. It is more a matter of personal preference. If you live in a country where online casinos are restricted, Bitcoin will be the best choice for you. If you live in a country where online gambling is allowed, and there are no fees on VISA, you should use that. It is more a matter of comfort and costs, rather than the nature of the deposit method. These days anyone should be able to find a suitable deposit method to them based on comfort, ease of use, transaction times, and cost. When it comes to Klarna, the most prominent advantage of using Klarna is how fast the process is. No need to wait for the funds to arrive; the process is instant. You can jump right into playing your favourite casino game. Another great advantage is usually meager to no fees at all are attached to the process. One more thing you have to your advantage when using Klarna is that no one will get your payment information at any time. The payment information is always safe with Klarna. So you gain an extra layer of protection is privacy in your online activity, which is always important.


Klarna has gained a vast userbase because they kept a high standard of security since day 1. They make use of a wide range of security measures to ensure that your private and sensitive information is kept safe. One of the most advanced features they use is encryption. While all deposit methods online use encryption, the advantage of Klarna is more a question of how they use encryption, rather than the use itself. With Klarna everything you do in encrypted. No one can trace the actions you perform when you are backed by such encryption. In addition to encryption, another layer of protection Klarna's platform gives you on default is the fact that the information you give is never kept on Klarna's front-end platform. The information is kept away from access to many malicious third-party tools that crawl the web, only on the servers. An additional advantage Klara has over other deposit payments is that the Financial Security Authority in Sweden has granted them with a seal that indicates they have complete trust in Klarna.

Disadvantages Of Using Klarna

The main downside to using Klarna as a deposit method in online casinos is that not all online casinos allow Klarna as a withdrawal method. If you prefer using only Klarna, both for withdrawals and deposits, this could be somewhat disappointing. And will reduce the number of online casinos you can choose to play. Another fact that you might find disturbing is that online casinos that offer Klarna as a withdrawal method will take as high as three business days to complete the transaction. Withdrawal transaction often takes longer, and it's not Klarna's doing. Online casinos have to ensure that the numbers check out before allowing for withdrawals. That's why you must check individually with each casino, what's the expected wait times. Many other solutions will not take three business days, so you have to consider that. And lastly, Klarna is only accepted in a handful of countries. So there's one more downside for using it.

Where To Pay With Klarna?

All the online casinos available on this page accept Klarna as a payment method. Many online casinos indeed accept more common deposit methods such as VISA, MasterCard and others. However, there are many advantages of using Klarna as a deposit method. For those of you who are already familiar with them, there's no wonder why you would want to use Klarna as a deposit method for your online casino activity. For that reason, this page was created, to help players that want to pay using Klarna find online casinos that accept it.

Klarna Payment Services

Klarna offers its services across 14 countries, at the moment this article was written. As time goes by, more and more countries are added to this list. Klarna is growing fast, and we expect that the already existing international reach Klarna has will expand. They also work with a variety of currencies, so it is very convenient for millions already. The more Klarna's growth will continue, the more online casinos will want to add Klarna to their deposit method selections. The more online casinos are added to this list, the greater of a selection we have. Klarna has many advantages that are unfortunately not available for online casino usage, things like their "Pay Later" option. And although these features are not available for online casino doesn't mean you can't use them for other types of purchases. So Klarna can be used for online casinos as well as many different reasons.

No need to register

The most significant selling point Klarna has over other e-wallets such as PayPal or Skrill is that you don't need to register. What this means is that you don't need to have any of your information kept permanently on any website. All you have to do is follow the simple steps every deposit requires. This feature adds a lot of privacy and security because your information is never kept online. Instead, it is being processed with encryption and then removed. This process is also what enables the payment to be so swift. The funds move directly from your account to the vendors account while it is entirely encrypted. Otherwise, the funds would have to transfer through the third party operator.

How do you deposit funds to Klarna casinos?

Depositing funds to an online casino sometimes feels complicated. Sure, it's a casino, and it should be regulated. However, why would an online casino make it hard for you to deposit funds? Just like any other business, online casinos want you to have the best experience possible. They do so by accepting deposit methods such as Klarna to ease and simplify the process. Klarna is a straightforward and intuitive platform for payments. It does contain a lot of possibilities, which may seem intimidating. However, they focus on providing you with the best possible payment experience at all times. All you need to do is find the cashier/banking page. There you will usually find a list of all payments methods. Choose Klarna and follow the simple process. That is it.

Can I Use Different Currencies in Deposit and Withdrawal?

Klarna is a very flexible service. However, they do not engage in currency exchange, unfortunately. You can check to see if the online casino itself would be interested in exchanging the funds for you, although that is not a very common practice. Technically it is possible, however, most online casinos like keeping things simple, and have a same out as in policy. This policy helps with making it easier to keep track of funds and create fewer reports. If you are interested in a currency exchange, we recommended exchanging the funds before depositing with Klarna.

Klarna's deposit speed

Klarna is one of the most advanced payment methods, and as such, deposit transaction happens instantly. However, the time could change depending on the online casino. Some online casinos may take their time processing payments. If you played in an online casino where this process wasn't instant, try to find one that will handle your payments faster. There are so many reasonable solutions out there, so why not?

How does Klarna work?

Klarna offers plenty of services, so it is hard to answer that question. What you should be asking is how does a specific feature work. For example, you have the "Pay Later" feature, which is very common. What this feature enables you to do is pay for an item you already received, up to 30 days (usually) from the time you had purchased it. You can also use another common service called "Split it". This feature enables you to split payments which are charged every an astonishing number of 60 days. And lastly, and what's most popular with Klarna, instant banking. Instant banking is the possibility to immediately pay for services, without an additional need to insert information time and time again.

Need to know Klarna Terms and Conditions

Klarna has no overwhelming terms and conditions you need to know about in advance. The casino, on the other hand, might. You need to check the conditions of paying with Klarna for each casino individually. You never know what an individual operator may charge, and you need to clarify that in advance. Many times casinos will have different conditions for payments than other casinos. And every individual casino can have different terms for different payment methods. So before any deposit, make sure you know what it's going to cost you. With that said, keep in mind that the casino's efforts are to give you the best possible experience they can. The market of online casinos is so competitive that no one will risk you going to a competitor due to unnecessary procedures. That's why most likely you will not be encountered with any extreme conditions for making such deposits with Klarna. The only condition that stops Klarna from becoming a world-renown deposit method is that it is still not available in all regions of the world. At the moment Klarna is accepted in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, US, UK, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands and Germany. There are still many countries in the world to cover. So unfortunately if you do not reside in either of these countries, you can't enjoy these services.

Klarna Casinos by Country

Klarna Online Casinos Sweden

Klarna was founded in Sweden in 2005. They started as a fintech startup, and it is not a wonder that many online casinos in Sweden accept Klarna as a deposit method. In Sweden, online gambling is fully legislated, and players can engage in online gambling activity easily. Recently, the Swedish government has performed actions that entirely regulate this market. They have vetted every online casino that obtains a licence thoroughly, to ensure fairness. Due to the recent advancements the Swedish government has taken, we beleive more online casinos will open up regularly, and the ability to pay using Klarna to online casinos will only grow more and more prevalent. Since Klarna received their banking permit from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, the company has made its way in becoming one of the largest online payment providers across all of Europe. Sweden is known for being one of the most advanced countries in the world. Some might argue as for what should be considered as progress. However, there is no doubt that Sweden is one of the world leaders in technology. With more than 85% of the Swedish people actively using online payments as their main method of payment. There is hardly any cash in Sweden. If you live in Sweden, you already heard and most likely used Klarna, and the process should be straightforward for you. What is left to decide is which online casino you should use. On this page, you will find the combination of the location you reside in and the ability to use Klarna as a deposit method.

Klarna Online Casinos Denmark

Denmark is also one of the countries where Klarna is very common. They have begun accepting payments in Denmark back in 2010 and kept growing ever since. Denmark is also considered to be very advanced when it comes to technology as well as the number of online payments. An interesting connection between Denmark and Klarna, in 2017 a Danish billionaire has purchased roughly 10% of the company's stocks. By doing that he has chained the faith of the company in a global possession. If you reside in Denmark and want to use Klarna as a deposit method, you will most likely have no problems doing so. Denmark is one of the leading spenders in the global online casino arena. Ranking as high as #3 biggest spenders. This fact has motivated the Danish government to regulate and also enforce the regulation, and make sure that unregulated websites will not operate in the country. If you find an online casino where Klarna isn't available. It is possible that it isn't regulated. Make sure to double-check.

Klarna Online Casinos Norway

Norway was for a very long time, the main target for some of the best online casinos sites. The reason was that the Norwegian government hadn't taken any significant steps against the online gambling industry for many years. Unfortunately, in recent years the relationship between the online gambling industry and the Norwegian government has changed, and currently, in Norway, only state-run gambling platforms are allowed. With that said, many online casino websites still accept Norwegian players. They are able to do so because the Norwegian government can't display a strict turn in their attitude towards these websites. That for years have worked freely in the country. What the Norwegian government can do, is restrict banking options these online casinos can accept. And so they did, in 2017. Since then, many of the most popular deposit methods have stopped transferring funds from players for gambling activities. Klarna is an exception. Klarna wasn't among the deposit methods that were requested by the Norwegian government to enforce these actions. Therefore Norwegian players can play the most popular online casinos in the region, such as Casumo, using Klarna as a deposit option, and keep their banking information safe at all times, during this process.

Klarna Online Casinos Germany

Klarna casinos Germany are widespread. Klarna has purchased one of the most popular payment methods in Germany, SOFORT, back in 2013 for as much as 150 million. Since the purchase, Klarna has expanded its reach into Germany speaking countries, where SOFORT is highly reputable. All banks in Germany accept SOFORT. This fact makes it very helpful for Klarna to accept online casinos in Germany. And while online casinos are officially not allowed in Germany, many online casino websites operate in the country. Within Germany, there are different rules regarding online casinos in every state. This confusion makes it hard for the German government to enforce restrictions over this industry. Luckily for us players, where governments can't make sense of their confusion and sometimes misunderstood laws, we get more freedom of choice. The situation now in Germany is that there are many online casinos to choose from and you can't get into any trouble for playing them. And when it comes to Klarna as a deposit method, most of them will accept it happily. So if you reside in Germany and want to use Klarna to keep your payment information safe, go right ahead and do so.

Klarna Online Casinos Finland

Finland is another country where Klarna is very common. Klarna was introduced to the Finnish market back in 2010. In Finland, the official law says that only state-run online casinos are permitted. What this law means is that private online casinos are officially not approved for accepting players from Finland. However, much like in Norway, it is uncommon for a government to make sharp turns in their behaviour. They can't express such a significant hurt in citizen's freedom of choice. This enables us as players to use dozens of the online casinos that for many years were very welcome from the Finnish government. Luckily, many of these casinos accept Klarna as a deposit method.

Klarna Online Casinos United Kingdom

Klarna had officially entered the UK market in 2014. It quickly earned a reputation in the UK and became one of the most popular payments methods in the country. Many of the online casinos that operate in the UK accept Klarna as a deposit method. If you reside in the UK and want to use Klarna as a deposit method, the process should be pretty straightforward. Online casinos in the UK are very popular, and many consider this market as the largest online casino market in the world. It is expected to grow continuously in the next years. Therefore you can expect to see more online casinos that accept Klarna in the country. Unless, the government will decide they no longer allow new players in the industry, which is highly unlikely due to the massive amount of taxes collected due to the gambling industry. Since April 2020, the UK Government has banned all online casinos from accepting credit cards as a payment method. This fact also enforces Klarna to check whether the source of the funds came from a credit card. If so, they will not authorize the transaction to take place. And you will not be able to place money at the online casinos.

Klarna Casino Types

Using Klarna on Mobile Casinos

Playing online casinos on the go is something that players enjoy every day since mobile devices became an interpretable part of our lives. We use our mobile devices to do anything, why not use it as an entertainment platform? Online casinos have caught up with the trend and enable full compatibility with mobile devices. These days, all major online casinos are fully responsive and will allow you all the features on the mobile, as well as on PC. Klarna is an advanced payment method that is always open for new integrations in order to give the user the best possible experience. Klarna is catering to mobile users on thousands of websites, and online casinos are no exception. The transactions can happen in seconds, using only a few taps on the screen, and you are good to go. Play your favourite game in seconds. You can also withdraw funds with the same simplicity as you would deposit, so rest assured. You can also use Klarna on iOS, Android and of course, PC. Make sure to check first and ensure that your device is compatible. The mobile industry of online casinos has grown rapidly, and since 2017 the annual growth has been around 20% yearly. This considerable number represents both change in global gaming habits as well as technological advancements. As the years will pass, we expect to see more and more deposit methods simplify the payment process as much as possible, to attract more users.

Live Dealer Casinos that Accept Klarna

Live Dealer casinos are attracting many users from multiple countries around the world. If you want to experience a real-life casino in the comfort of your own home, you should try to play in a Live Dealer casino. What a Live Dealer casino is, is a connection between a real casino with a dealer that deals cards, while cameras cover the game and show each player what cards they have. The entire game is being held in a real casino. And the players are located at their homes, or anywhere else. Klarna is accepted in some of the leading Live Dealer Casinos, due to it's popularity.

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