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UK Licensed Online Casinos

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) is the main body regulating gambling activities in the United Kingdom. If you are searching for the best casinos regulated by the UKGC, then you are in the right place!

This detailed guide contains all you need to know about the UKGC. We also included how to spot casinos licensed by them. Whether you are a newbie or a veteran of casino games, we have helpful information for you. Keep reading!

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Videoslots Casino
100% up to $/€200
21LuckyBet Casino
100% up to $/€200
+ 19 free spins
Free Spirit Bingo Casino
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What is the UK Gambling Commission?

The UK Gambling Commission was established under the Gambling Act of 2005. It officially started functioning on October 1st, 2007. The Commission regulates and supervises the gambling industry and licenses operators such as casinos.

It is also responsible for promoting fair gambling practices and preventing criminal activities within the gambling scene.

How We Rate and Review UKGC Casinos

With years of experience in online gambling, we have carefully recommended the top online casinos licensed by the UKGC. When rating UKGC casinos, we have a list of factors that we consider essential.

The first thing we check is the casino's reputation. We do an offsite review to note what players and industry experts say about it. Then, we check out its game selection. We ensure that reputable game providers back it up and that it offers a variety, such as online slots and live casino games.

We also ensure that the casino bonuses and promotions are as fair as they are generous. Some commonly found ones include the welcome bonus, deposit bonus, and bonus spins. The customer support and deposit methods are not left out of our review. For a more detailed explanation of our process, please visit our process page.

How to Choose the Best Online UKGC Casino

Choosing the best casino site is the foundation for a seamless and thrilling online gaming experience. We have explained our process, but we understand that players sometimes have specific things they look out for. This may include certain payment options or bonuses like free spins. You can follow the steps in this section to choose for yourself:

  • Reputation and trustworthiness: Ensure you check out reviews from the casino's users, which will help you determine its reputation. Read as many reviews as you can from industry experts, as this will guide your choice. We have casino reviews on our website that you can check out.
  • Game Selection: Casino games are the bedrock of online gaming. Check that the casino offers your preferred games. Traditional casino games like slot games, table games, and sports betting should be available. Also, ensure these games are backed by reputable software providers such as Microgaming and Betsoft.
  • Customer Support: Ensure the casino has a reliable support team to help if you have issues. Check that the live chat is available 24/7. Also, check if they have other mediums to be contacted, such as email and mobile. Finally, confirm that the support is fluent in your language.
  • Responsible Gambling Policies: This is a vital feature for casinos. The UKGC usually ensures casinos have it in place before licensing them. Tools such as deposit limits and self-exclusion help players who may have gambling problems.

How to Verify a UKGC Casinos License

Verifying a casino's license is essential, as some casinos may claim to have a license they don't have. The license may also be expired. This is dangerous for players who may be exposed to unreputable casinos. Below are steps you may take to verify whether a casino has been validly licensed by the UKGC:

  1. Verify the License Information: Most licensed casinos display their license number on their website. They may also include the UKGC logo or a link to their license information. You can find these at the website's footer or in their terms and conditions. Then, you can verify by searching the UKGC database with the number.
  2. Visit the UKGC Website: This is the best option, as the official UKGC website contains the list of casinos licensed by the Commission. You can search for the online casino by name or their licensing number.
  3. Contact the Support Team: You may contact the casino's support team for their license information. Note that the casino's license information should be public. Any attempt by the team to evade your request or any vague response means the casino is unsafe.
  4. User Reviews: You can also read the reviews of industry experts to gain insight into the licensing status of the online casino. Our website contains these reviews. Read them to confirm if the UKGC casino is really licensed.

How to Apply for a UKGC License?

To apply for a UKGC license, you must take steps to ensure your application will be granted. These include:

  1. Determine the type of license needed: The UK Gambling Commission offers different licenses for various gambling activities. These include arcades, casinos, lotteries, and gambling machine providers. Choose the license that best suits you.
  2. Prepare Your Application: Prepare your application by gathering the required documents. These may include your financial statement, business plan, and policies of your proposed casino.
  3. Register Your Casino: Open an account and fill out the virtual application form provided on the UKGC website. The form may require information such as the names of individuals proposed to manage your casino. Ensure that these are ready.
  4. Pay the Application Fee: When applying for the license, you will be required to pay a sum as the application fee. You have to do this to submit a valid application.
  5. Wait for Approval: This is the last stage, which takes the longest. It includes undergoing background checks by the Commission to ensure that you have complied with requirements. The time frame for approval usually takes several months.

The Role and Duties of United Kingdom Gambling Commission

The UKGC plays an essential role in the gambling industry. It uses strict regulations and enforcement measures. The Commission aims to protect players and ensure gambling platforms engage in safe practices. Some of the duties include:

Licensing and Policy-making

The gambling commission is responsible for issuing licenses to compliant gambling operators. It also makes policies to regulate them. These policies ensure the safety of the platform for players.

Monitoring and Enforcing Compliance

When a gambling operator has been suspected of breaching a regulation. An example is breaking gambling advertising rules. The UKGC then investigates the casino and takes appropriate enforcement measures. These may range from fines to revoking the operator's license.

Preventing Criminal Activities and Raising Awareness

The UKGC has the duty to prevent criminal activities like money laundering. It does this by monitoring the activities of gambling operators. The UK Gambling Commission also raises awareness of harmful gambling practices and the risks of gambling addiction. It aims to ensure players gamble responsibly.

Pros and Cons of Playing at UKGC Licensed Casinos

The advantages and disadvantages of choosing online gambling websites licensed by the UKGC include:


  1. Fair gaming: The UKGC requires casinos to provide only fair games to increase players' chances of winning. By using certified Random Number Generators (RNG), all players have an equal chance at winning.
  2. Data protection: The UKGC has strict data protection requirements to ensure the security of players' personal data. Playing with a UK-licensed casino assures you of the safety of your information.
  3. Easier complaint resolution: In the event of a dispute with a casino, a player can report to the UKGC. The Commission will then serve as a mediator to resolve the dispute.


  1. Limited Bonus Offers: UKGC casinos have limited bonus offers and strict wagering requirements. This is due to the UKGC's regulations. It may prevent players from enjoying the limitless promotional offers.
  2. Strict Verification Process: UK casinos have a strict KYC process that requires extensive documentation. This feature may frustrate users before withdrawal.
  3. Tax Implications: The UKGC places tax requirements on gambling winnings. Although this depends on the player's location, it affects the profitability of the game.

Mobile Gaming Casino Sites at UKGC

The UKGC regulates and oversees all gambling activities within the UK, including mobile gaming casino sites. UKGC-licensed mobile casinos offer a diverse range of games. From slots to live dealer games, tailored to cater to the preferences of a varied audience. Being UKGC approved, these sites often come with features like self-exclusion tools and deposit limits. Making them a preferred choice for UK players who prioritize security and regulatory compliance in their gaming experience.

Below is an HTML table showcasing some of the prominent mobile gaming casino sites licensed under UKGC, highlighting their key features, game offerings, and user experiences:

NameWelcome OfferKey FeaturesMobile Responsiveness
Videoslots Casino100% up to $/€200Big selection of game providers.
Progressive jackpots available.
Extensive selection of games.
Perfect reputation.
21LuckyBet Casino100% up to $/€200
+ 19 free spins
Big selection of game providers.
Mobile app for iOS.
Progressive jackpots are available.
Free Spirit Bingo Casino100% up to $/€2000
+ 20 free spins
Progressive jackpots are available.
Extensive selection of games.

Most Popular Payment Methods in the UK Licensed Online Casinos

Seamless payment options are like the icing on the cake for exciting gambling experiences. They make withdrawing your winnings after a successful game easier. Here are some popular ways to pay at UKGC casinos:

  • Debit and Credit Cards: This method is a favorite for many players. Typical examples are Visa and Mastercard. They are chosen for the comfort, security, and ease of payment that they offer.
    • Pros: Credit and debit card payments are widely accepted. The deposits are instant, and they don't require additional fees.
    • Cons: Paying with your credit card at an online betting site exposes your card information and doesn't retain your anonymity
  • E-wallets: E-wallets like PayPal and Skrill offer fast and secure means of depositing real money with casinos. They also offer anonymity.
    • Pros: Payments made with e-wallets are generally quicker. Also, some casinos offer bonuses for players who use a particular e-wallet.
    • Cons: E-wallet payments at casinos are dependent on third-party availability. When the e-wallet provider is unavailable, transactions will become frustrating.
  • Cryptocurrency: Digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum may be used to make payments at casino websites. Although it is not yet a common payment method, some prefer it. This is because it offers privacy.
    • Pros: Paying with cryptocurrency gives you the security and anonymity needed for online transactions.
    • Cons: Not all casinos accept crypto as a means of payment. The currency's volatile nature also makes it difficult to use.

Terms and Conditions

Before paying at an online gambling site, players should be aware of specific terms and conditions. Also, withdrawals take longer than deposits because of some of these terms. They include:

  • Wagering Requirements: These state how many times players must wager before they're able to withdraw their bonus money. They sometimes occur through game weighting. Expect a 1x playthrough requirement for no-bonus withdrawals. Bonus withdrawals could be between 25x to 50x.
  • KYC process: This is mandatory for UKGC casinos. All players' identities must be verified to prevent fraud and other illegal activities. We recommend completing this process before you are ready to withdraw. It usually takes a couple of days to complete.
  • Withdrawal Limits: These tell you the maximum amount you can withdraw within a specific time. Casinos with high withdrawal limits or no limits at all are favorable. This is because they allow players to withdraw their winnings without limitations.
Best United Kingdom Gambling Commission Online Casino Frequently Asked Questions


What type of licenses does the UKGC issue to online casinos?

The UKGC grants various licenses to casinos, and they include:

  • Remote operating licenses
  • Personal management licenses
  • Personal function licenses
  • Software licenses

What is the lifespan of a UKGC casino license?

The lifespan of a UKGC casino license depends on the terms and conditions of each license. Often, it lasts several years and requires specific conditions for renewal.

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